Jason Pierce Mallory: Getting To Know Your Urban Legends Readers

by jayneoconnor

Using the questions from the board game “Real People” HydeATL gets to know the real people behind the readers at It Happened To My Cousin’s Cousin: Hyde and Team Luis Present: URBAN LEGENDS.

In this chapter we gather information from Jason Pierce Mallory, the man behind the Imperial Trouble, a science-fiction, fantasy, and pop-culture podcast.

OCCUPATION: Podcaster/Writer/Graphic Designer/Prince logo.svg
CHILDHOOD NICKNAME:The Mayor (after Mayor McCheese, who brought order to a lawless McDonaldland)
A SECRET FANTASY: I wish I could teleport so I’d never be in Atlanta traffic ever again. And so I could steal money from bank vaults. I guess being the only teleporting man in the world would lead police straight to me, though. Good luck keeping me in jail, cops!
UNUSUAL FACT: I was born left-handed, but my family is superstitious, so they made me use my right hand. Nice try, but I’ve still got my sinister powers.
PET PEEVE: If you’re a group of three or more people walking side-by-side on a sidewalk, blocking anyone from passing you, no court in the land would convict me for murdering you.
I’D LIKE TO MEET: Joss Whedon. (and smile coquettishly)
PERSONAL MOTTO:Monkeyshines University: Where Each Monkey Shines In His Chosen Field
MOST PROUD OF:Teaching my French Bulldog to bow like a lady. Now no one can turn her away from a cotillion ball.
REPUTATION IN HIGH SCHOOL: I couldn’t help noticing you ladies admiring my stylish dunce cap.

Checkout more of Jason Pierce’s writing at his website here.
Or if you are in a listening mood here is Mr Mallory on the Write Club Atlanta Podcast.

IT HAPPENED TO MY COUSIN’S COUSIN: Hyde and Team Luis Present URBAN LEGENDS is November 2nd at The Music Room.
327 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta GA 30312
Under Pizzaria Vesuvius.
Doors open at 8 reading starts promply at 9.
Check it out on facebook.


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