Julian Modugno: Getting To Know Your Urban Legends Readers

by jayneoconnor

Using the questions from the board game “Real People” HydeATL gets to know the real people behind the readers at It Happened To My Cousin’s Cousin: Hyde and Team Luis Present: URBAN LEGENDS.

This time, Hyde sent our list of obnoxious questions to Julian Modugno, one half of Bland Hack Pictures.

OCCUPATION: Man about town/underemployed
CHILDHOOD NICKNAME: Matt (my brother’s name incorrectly applied to me by my mother on numerous occasions)
A SECRET FANTASY: To reenact Lewis and Clark’s journey, except in a luxury RV and also across Europe.
UNUSUAL FACT: I am actually black.
PET PEEVE: Everything I came up with turned out to be a serious world issue instead.
I’D LIKE TO MEET: A rich, dying, lonely woman.
MOST PROUD OF: Once, at the vet, my cat shook her butt so hard the thermometer flew across the room.
REPUTATION IN HIGH SCHOOL: Most likely to suck seed.

Check out Julian as he stars in the super funny HEbrew and as Bland Hack Pictures attacks the difficult conundrum of the M-Word. Or if you are in a listening mood tune in as Julian goes up against his fellow Urban Legends participant, Nicholas Tecosky at Write Club Atlanta in the WCA podcast.

IT HAPPENED TO MY COUSIN’S COUSIN: Hyde and Team Luis Present URBAN LEGENDS is November 2nd at The Music Room.
327 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta GA 30312
Under Pizzaria Vesuvius.
Doors open at 8 reading starts promptly at 9.
Check it out on facebook.


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