The print version of Hyde is released quarterly on changing opposing or complementary topics. Authors and artists are free to interpret the topic any way in which they see fit and are encouraged to get as creative as they want with the topic, take it as far as they want to. NO RULES. JUST WRITE.
Submissions are accepted anonymously or with pen, given, legal, or Christian names. Appropriate pieces include literature, essays, drawings, cartoons, artwork, recipes, old diary entries, collages, poems, doodles, and graphic design.

Submissions should be sent to

Text must be included in the body of the email as attachments become encrypted and thus a huge pain in the ass. Pictures etc can be sent as attachments.
Please try to keep submissions approximately 1000 words and no more than 1500 and have pieces ready for print by final submission. (I am more than happy to give feedback before due date and we will have open workshops.)

Don’t forget – visual arts welcome!! Doodles, drawings, collages, photographs! Come one come all!

Submissions may be hosted on the website, published in the zine, or both.



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